A tribute

I just had my parents to stay for the weekend, it was my mum’s birthday. I’m sure the visit will create further thought for further blogs but for now I’m basking in the positive light of my family.

Mum was happy, which for myself and the children was heaven to see and be around. Dad was relaxed because he wasn’t having to worry constantly about mum. I was prepared for ‘happy’ mum and even the annoyance that can go with it. And it worked….the weekend was a success.

We went for lunch and were joined by one of my brothers and some of my parents friends. I sat listening to the conversation that flowed. I heard my mum’s frank honesty of her recent mental health to her friends, my dad’s proud announcements of both my brothers up and coming artistic achievements, saw my children happily running through this scene, heard myself discussing details of my mum and I’s past, when the conversation came up. It was a good family and friends social outing but more than that it was open-minded and accepting.

Later my brother was on the radio performing his music; a new song of his openly detailing the highs and lows of bipolar for him. I’m reminded of my other brothers charity event for Mind, and then I think of this blog. Not only do I believe that now my siblings and I are really beginning to move forward in our lives, despite our mum’s mental health issues; we are all actively seeking it out. We are all attempting to positively affect society’s take on Bipolar, we won’t shy away from the subject; warts and all, and I reckon that’s a pretty good tribute to a family who is learning how to make the best of a sometimes painful and difficult situation.

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